Japanese Restaurant and Life Blog

See the pics by clicking the read more tag! We went to a small art gallery where I live now and my aunt did an Ikebana arrangement.

I started eating the chocolate December calendar my aunt got me. You’re supposed to find the numbers and eat the chocolate everyday. I know what you’re thinking, I’ll cheat and eat it all in a day. No, not this time, after I eat my daily little chocolate I just go to the kitchen for the rest of my chocolate fix. There’s enough chocolate at her house to keep me from cheating on the calendar. I’ve been putting chocolate chip chocolate cookies in chocolate chip brownie chocolate icecream with chocolate spread and it’s delicious. I’ve also taken a liking to the high cocoa % dark chocolate that’s easier to find around here than where I used to live.

Here are some pics of the games I got, they’re not super new but I haven’t played them so they’re new enough to me. XD Unfortunately, they don’t seem to take screenshots, I had a feeling I might be disappointed, it’s one of my favorite features in games and it really reduces my enjoyment if I can’t do it. More game pics are at my Google+.  I wish Nintendo had achievements.

We went to a Japanese restaurant. I still hate that crowded city, but I like the restaurant. Pretty restaurant, inconvenient location. My only complaint is that we weren’t allowed to go outside near the koi pond to take pics. I took some cute pics through the glass though. The restaurant is very pretty.

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Video Games and Art WIPs

I got Yokai Watch 2 and one of the Mario & Luigi games for the NN3DS so I think I’ll go out to the lunch tomorrow since I’ll be able to play during the car ride. I also need to finish reading my driving book, so I’ll make sure to bring that along. I’ll post pics later, I hope that the games allow screen shots, it’s always a disappointment when they don’t and I feel like I shouldn’t have bought them if I take take and share screens. I need that internet interactivity, media that doesn’t extend to my digital home feels incomplete and lacking.

Slowly but surely, I’m working on art, color the anime boy. I actually started this before Thanksgiving, it was supposed to be two anime boys loosely based on a peacock and turkey respectively, but I never finished them on time. I miss dedicating more time to art. I hope I can get a job soon so I can settle into a routine and get an apartment, I hate running around and having to go out nearly every day. I’ll have to go out to work of course, but I can stay in on my days off and count on uninterrupted art time.

Same Old…

I’ve been trying to order something from Deviant Art and they say they don’t have it, well that’s the point, you print it when someone orders it. -.- I got a similar thing (unless they cancelled my order) just before and I don’t think they simply ran out of materials, as they’ve done this before. I don’t like how slow and buggy they are, I might need to find a better place to get printed things.

Worse yet, I damanged my nail while opening a package. Though I managed to fix it fairly well, I’m still sad about it. It feels like everything is the last straw lately. I huge weight will be lifted off my shoulders when I get my local license and a job, though I’m less worried about the job.

Sorry to sound repetitive, I hope to have some actual news to share later. As for the package in question, some shirts mom sent as an early Christmas present, I liked some of them, so not all hope is lost to savage this day. I’m taking a much needed break while my aunt gets her hair done and her husband is at work. I’m constantly tired and feel like cancelling tomorrow’s lunch, I just don’t feel like traveling so far and enduring traffic jams, I love the city where I’m in now, that neighboring bigger city I’m not so fond of and wouldn’t mind never visiting it again, other than by necessity.

Life Update

Interview went well, though I’m still car-less and feeling overwhelmed by all that I still need to do. I’m moving forward though, even if it is at a snail’s pace. I hope to have a stable job soon. I’m studying up to get a local license, my aunt keeps assuring me that I’ll be fine because I already have a license from a different area, so I’ve been through this before. Even so, I’m nervous, and studying, and I really want to practice more. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers, I’ll need it. I haven’t been able to dedicate as much time as I wish to art lately, but here’s what I’m working on:


Network: http://azurelight.net
Ko-Fi: https://ko-fi.com/mikari
Deviant Art: https://mikaristar.deviantart.com

Life Update

Word Press has become one of my favorite places to post online. I still like Deviant Art as well, and they have printing services that WP doesn’t have, though I am yet to know how good they are. I’m about to find out though, I’ll let you know how that goes. I’ll also slowly add more DA journal skins options to my blog there. I recently went to the Wellspring Dreams Club after a long absence and like I said there:

I’m still getting settled into my new home, still job hunting and dealing with all sorts of complications. I need to retake my driver’s test, all of it, because mine doesn’t transfer, despite it being basically the same thing in regards to driving laws. People keep getting my name wrong, they think my surname is my middle name, when in fact I don’t have a middle name. 

I’m exhausted, but I’m not looking back, I want a reliable future that’s worth it. I can’t wait for it to be next year, when this is all over and behind me and I’ve been living in my apartment for months, that’s another thing I need, an apartment. First the job, the license and the car, then the apartment and finally a chance to catch my breath.

I’m going for another interview tomorrow, it’s a different place. I’m not worried about getting it, since it looked that the possibilities were high, I’m just hoping it’s a good enough offer that I can live off it. Here’s a pic of the cake mom took to my friends from work in my name, thanks to Maggy for sending me the pic. To all my friends from work and outside of it, you can still email, tweet or comment here to stay in contact.