Life Update

I’m getting used to work, though not to the lack of sleep that comes as a result of it. It’s been interesting seeing how hotels work behind the scenes and looking into all the moving parts. Just as in airports, it’s never as smooth and easy as it appears to be. There’s plenty of running around and the necessity to adapt to the needs and situations that may come up at short notice.

I’m feeling pretty comfortable by now, though I’m technically still in training. Our trainer, rather than leaving us to focus on only the theory, has been taking us out to get some hands on experience even if it’s not necesarily directly for our future position, but tasks that are related to the process; some of the many moving parts that need to function in sync to get things going.

We get to watch TV during our lunch break and I’ve become somewhat curious about some of the Law and Order series after watching a few episodes. I’ve also been playing Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga during breaks, making good use of my precious scarse free time.

I don’t really write about other people in my blog, other than a few vague things, as it is a public blog, so I’ll just say that my coworkers are into vampires (of the non-shiny variety), the color purple is to them as blue is to me, and laughs are had in healthy intervals.

Life and WIP Updates

I’ve been working so I’m exhausted from getting up early. At least everyone’s nice so that definitely helps me get through the day. I’m mostly still doing mandatory training, there’s a long list to get through.

I’m waiting for some things I ordered online and hoping they’ll get delivered. None of my Christmas letters are out yet, I’ll let each of you know when your respective cards go out. As of now I’m waiting for the cards themselves to get to me.

Still missing my car, everything is moving slower now that most of my time is consumed by work, not that it was moving much faster before. I really want my car and an apartment. I’m still hoping to have everything done by the end of the year, though it might realistically be more like early 2018. I really can’t wait.

Sketches that I’m working on, this is the turkey boy pic I couldn’t finish on time for Thanksgiving, it was supposed to go along with the peacock one that I posted earlier. I also started a Monohime sketch during lunch break at work. I hope I can work on these next weekend.

Thanksgiving_boy_sketch  Monohime_tea_sketch

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Life Update

I got a job, I start tomorrow. It’s supposed to be part time, though for now it seems training will be 5 days a week for 8 hours each. I think the part time part of it is about the days rather than the hours per shift. I should have a schedule by the end of the week. I’m still stressed about switching to a local license, despite having had a driver’s license for a few years. I know how to drive, but I never parallel park, so I still need to practice…

I hope that my blogging next week is less stressed than this one. I’ll feel better once I get everything done and overwith. I suppose a job is a step forward, but in my busy state I just see it as less time to get stuff done, though I certainly need it as a source of income. Once I go get the license thing done, hopefully this Saturday, I might start to calm down.

In more pleasant news, my Christmas order seemed to have shipped, mostly. Though I doubt my impatience will lift until I actually receive them. I’ll keep you updated.

Japanese Restaurant and Life Blog

See the pics by clicking the read more tag! We went to a small art gallery where I live now and my aunt did an Ikebana arrangement.

I started eating the chocolate December calendar my aunt got me. You’re supposed to find the numbers and eat the chocolate everyday. I know what you’re thinking, I’ll cheat and eat it all in a day. No, not this time, after I eat my daily little chocolate I just go to the kitchen for the rest of my chocolate fix. There’s enough chocolate at her house to keep me from cheating on the calendar. I’ve been putting chocolate chip chocolate cookies in chocolate chip brownie chocolate icecream with chocolate spread and it’s delicious. I’ve also taken a liking to the high cocoa % dark chocolate that’s easier to find around here than where I used to live.

Here are some pics of the games I got, they’re not super new but I haven’t played them so they’re new enough to me. XD Unfortunately, they don’t seem to take screenshots, I had a feeling I might be disappointed, it’s one of my favorite features in games and it really reduces my enjoyment if I can’t do it. More game pics are at my Google+.  I wish Nintendo had achievements.

We went to a Japanese restaurant. I still hate that crowded city, but I like the restaurant. Pretty restaurant, inconvenient location. My only complaint is that we weren’t allowed to go outside near the koi pond to take pics. I took some cute pics through the glass though. The restaurant is very pretty.

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