I had a long week. The job itself is easy and my coworkers are very nice, it’s just time consuming and leaves me with basically no time to spend on art and other things. I like the afternoon shift so far, it has a nice blend of busy at the start and relaxed towards the end.

Since I’ve been sleeping better, I’ve been feeling better, I need my full 10 hours of sleep a night, I can’t function with 7 or 8 like some people do. Now that it’s my day off, I’m trying to get everything done that I couldn’t do during the week. It’s a Sunday, so there are things I can’t get done.

I find it pretty convenient to have non-holiday weekdays off, which will thankfully be the case on Tuesday, so I can get through the backlog of calls I need to make. I’m still getting settled into my new life and sorting everything. Once that’s done, I should be all caught up with everything, including all car related things. As for the rest of today, I’ll see if I can work on my upcoming Zazzle shop and tomorrow I’ll chill out around town.

It might be way too optimistic, especially with my budget, but I wish I could get an apartment with a garage. My sweet silver angel is outside in the cold and rain and I wish I could properly shelter it. Though really, just getting any economical apartment is the first step after I finish getting my business sorted this week.

As always, comments and tweets are appreciated, sorry I haven’t been as active online as I used to. I’m still playing Yokai Watch 2 a few minutes at a time, enjoyed Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and currently watching the last Pirates of the Caribbean… though other than the first one I haven’t seen the others, so I’ll have to catch up with the middle of the movie series.

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