Change of plans, the old Lincoln is stubborn and needs more patience than I have. I’m passing it along in exchange of recovering my investment and no extra cost for the car itself, since I didn’t really pay for it. The previous owner would be happy that someone is using it, even if it’s not me. The new owner’s family knows a bit about cars so they’ll fix it up. As for me… I got a beautiful silver angel, shiny and brand new. Another Versa for me to love. It feels very familiar and reassuring because my old car was a Versa. Picks to be shared via DM.

4 thoughts on “Silver Angel

    1. I kind of started calling it that without thinking because it keeps me warm in the cold, takes me where I need to go, makes it so that I can stop relying on taxi services, which also saves me money, it’s comfy, and pleasant and all around nice, like my beautiful guardian angel that helps me so much. I love him. I also sometimes call it baby and sweetie XD


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