I have a car, almost. The holidays have delayed it, but I’ll soon have the completed paperwork that will officially certify the car as mine. I had planned to get my old car, a 2009 white Nissan Versa, across the sea. However mom isn’t particularly apt at getting stuff done anymore and she’s had to transfer the car to my name and hand it to the transportation company. It would have been a simple matter in this day and age, but alas, she claimed it was too complicated and sent me money instead.

I had intended to thus buy a car, another little Versa, as I was quite pleased with it and will always miss it. However, something unexpected happened. A friend of my uncle who had been a car collector was looking to get rid of some of his collection, as he no longer had the time to work on it. The bill of sale was done as a formality though he basically let me keep it. It’s a 1995 black Lincoln Mark VIII. It just needed a new battery, an oil change, a side mirror and a clean up. Because of the holiday, the paperwork offices are closed, but I’ll get it done as soon as they reopen. I can’t wait to finally have my own transportation to work! Having to rely on a taxi service, especially one so lacking in punctuality, is quite an annoyance.

The part that stood out in my mind the most, which inspired the poem I wrote on the same day, was that the older gentleman who had the car seemed so happy when it started up again after having been in storage for so long, his face completely lit up. I know I get attached to my computers and electronics, so I image a mechanic must have a special bond with his car. He was letting it go, but he was glad that it would run again. That car will be taking me to work, so it’ll get plenty of exercise, and as a lover of machines and technology, though cars are not my field, I’ll take good care of it. People were always surprised at the pristine condition of my old Versa. Though the Lincoln is old, because it was treated as a collector’s item before, it’s in very good condition.

I’ll take a proper picture after I take it to the cleaners. The front plate is missing though it does have the holes for it, so I’ll be replacing that as well, with a subtle Sailor Moon silhouette. Kaito arrived in the mail just in time to guard my car keys. I think it’s quite fitting, he looks like he’s saying “gimme the keys!”


A Man and his Car

He looked at his ebony companion fondly,
His head now covered in ivory he knelt,
His work precise, he fixed it promptly,
The dark beast knew of the bond they felt.

Many long days and nights had past,
Before the surge of energy came at last.
The man smiled, as the creature roared to life,
And on his face there was no strife.

“It’s time for you to roam again,
My dear companion, go on ahead,
Don’t wait for me, for I won’t go,
Our time is done, as you must know.”

“I’m sorry for the long wait,
It’s time to end your dormant state.
Goodbye my friend, my loyal mate,
Your new master is at the gate.”

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