I posted yesterday’s blog post today because, though I had it written out on my phone, I prefer to post from my laptop. It got so late yesterday, but at least I managed to get some cards sent out. I still haven’t sent them all, but I’m getting to it.

I’m still playing Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga during my breaks at work, so I’m progressing slowly, but I’m moving forward in the game. Though not often, I sometimes take pics of the screen, as the game unfortunately won’t allow screenshots.

We had delicious pizza and cookies thanks to our trainer. There were white and brown chips. I was too full to eat my chocolate Santa, but there’s always tomorrow.  I only had a bit of choco chip bread later.

I really wish my Amazon packages would arrive. I can’t track them through the app and CS told me they should be here in a day, but it’s been a day and they’re not here. Now I’m getting  cancellations and refunds? I’m so disappointed, Christmas shopping on Amazon has been a very bad idea. Maybe I should just stick to Ebay next year.

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