I’m getting used to work, though not to the lack of sleep that comes as a result of it. It’s been interesting seeing how hotels work behind the scenes and looking into all the moving parts. Just as in airports, it’s never as smooth and easy as it appears to be. There’s plenty of running around and the necessity to adapt to the needs and situations that may come up at short notice.

I’m feeling pretty comfortable by now, though I’m technically still in training. Our trainer, rather than leaving us to focus on only the theory, has been taking us out to get some hands on experience even if it’s not necesarily directly for our future position, but tasks that are related to the process; some of the many moving parts that need to function in sync to get things going.

We get to watch TV during our lunch break and I’ve become somewhat curious about some of the Law and Order series after watching a few episodes. I’ve also been playing Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga during breaks, making good use of my precious scarse free time.

I don’t really write about other people in my blog, other than a few vague things, as it is a public blog, so I’ll just say that my coworkers are into vampires (of the non-shiny variety), the color purple is to them as blue is to me, and laughs are had in healthy intervals.

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