I’ve been working so I’m exhausted from getting up early. At least everyone’s nice so that definitely helps me get through the day. I’m mostly still doing mandatory training, there’s a long list to get through.

I’m waiting for some things I ordered online and hoping they’ll get delivered. None of my Christmas letters are out yet, I’ll let each of you know when your respective cards go out. As of now I’m waiting for the cards themselves to get to me.

Still missing my car, everything is moving slower now that most of my time is consumed by work, not that it was moving much faster before. I really want my car and an apartment. I’m still hoping to have everything done by the end of the year, though it might realistically be more like early 2018. I really can’t wait.

Sketches that I’m working on, this is the turkey boy pic I couldn’t finish on time for Thanksgiving, it was supposed to go along with the peacock one that I posted earlier. I also started a Monohime sketch during lunch break at work. I hope I can work on these next weekend.

Thanksgiving_boy_sketch  Monohime_tea_sketch

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Deviant Art: https://mikaristar.deviantart.com


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