I got a job, I start tomorrow. It’s supposed to be part time, though for now it seems training will be 5 days a week for 8 hours each. I think the part time part of it is about the days rather than the hours per shift. I should have a schedule by the end of the week. I’m still stressed about switching to a local license, despite having had a driver’s license for a few years. I know how to drive, but I never parallel park, so I still need to practice…

I hope that my blogging next week is less stressed than this one. I’ll feel better once I get everything done and overwith. I suppose a job is a step forward, but in my busy state I just see it as less time to get stuff done, though I certainly need it as a source of income. Once I go get the license thing done, hopefully this Saturday, I might start to calm down.

In more pleasant news, my Christmas order seemed to have shipped, mostly. Though I doubt my impatience will lift until I actually receive them. I’ll keep you updated.

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