I got Yokai Watch 2 and one of the Mario & Luigi games for the NN3DS so I think I’ll go out to the lunch tomorrow since I’ll be able to play during the car ride. I also need to finish reading my driving book, so I’ll make sure to bring that along. I’ll post pics later, I hope that the games allow screen shots, it’s always a disappointment when they don’t and I feel like I shouldn’t have bought them if I take take and share screens. I need that internet interactivity, media that doesn’t extend to my digital home feels incomplete and lacking.

Slowly but surely, I’m working on art, color the anime boy. I actually started this before Thanksgiving, it was supposed to be two anime boys loosely based on a peacock and turkey respectively, but I never finished them on time. I miss dedicating more time to art. I hope I can get a job soon so I can settle into a routine and get an apartment, I hate running around and having to go out nearly every day. I’ll have to go out to work of course, but I can stay in on my days off and count on uninterrupted art time.

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