Here’s a rookie Ikebana with flowers and vegetables (I don’t eat vegetables, but pumpkins make pretty decorations lol.) Containers and materials borrowed from my aunt. She also made a Thanksgiving pumpkin Ikebana.

I decided not to get Pokemon Ultra Moon because it’s too similar to Moon, but I hope everyone who got it has a good time replaying and seeing the new bonus content. I got some chargers for my PSVita and NN3DS, though I don’t have any gaming news after having finished Period Cube. Next up is Collar x Malice, which I haven’t started yet. I’ll post pics and let you know how it goes. For Period Cube, I, predictable as ever, chose Hiroya. He’s actually a wolf boy, I later learned, not really a cat boy, (as he gets call a pup), but he’s still adorable. Gameplay pics at Google+.

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