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I’m still job hunting and waiting for my credit transcript to be delivered. I’m getting impatient, but at least I was able to go to one interview. I was told they would take a couple of weeks to decide though. I’ll keep applying for everything until then.

Here’s a little general update about my life. I posted some of this on Twitter before. I saw these mugs at Cracker Barrel and they reminded me of my sisters. We’re not biologically related but they’re awesome. I also saw lots of yummy sweets at the store.

We’re spending the weekend in Alabama, we drove for quite a while, I drove part of the way too despite not knowing the area and having no experience on long highways, but we survived. We switched seats now and then, when it was my turn to drive my aunt went to use her phone and relax in the backseat and uncle stayed in the front passenger seat to guide me… then he fell asleep… Good thing it was just a straight road and we had GPS. XD

There are lots of cotton farms of Georgia. I also played a bit of Period Cube on the Vita, though I can only play for a little while, since reading is exhausting. I love the pretty art, I just wish these otome had english voices.

We’re staying at a condo in Alabama with a view towards the beach. It’s cold but sunny and very windy. Near by there’s a water canal where people sail, fish and small cargo boats transit. That’s a restaurant we ate at in the background.

Slowly but surely, I’m working on a layout update for AzureLight.net and Word Press.

2 thoughts on “Update on Life

  1. Good luck on your job hunt!! It’s really an ordeal and so exhausting to be job hunting, and doing the whole interview process. I was job hunting for half a year before I landed my first full-time one, and it definitely took a toll on me! Seems like you had very nice vacations 🙂 I’m about to leave for one, so I’m hoping for a lot of relaxation!!

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