This are my blogs from yesterday.

October 25 morning

Got to the airport early. A neighbor drove me and took his son and niece along. I’m 33 now, the boy is 18 and the girl is about 20, but I got along great with them. We all love chocolate and zeroed in on the same type of red velvet choco chip cookie. We play videogames and we love technology. The girl is an engineering student and computer geek, who understands everything I say. It’s a rare treat when I can actually talk to someone without having to explain what stuff is.

October 25 afternoon

I had the world’s tiniest most overpriced personal pizza and boarded my flight.

October 25 late afternoon

Just finished watching Wonder Woman on the plane.

October 25 night

Heading to Maria’s house, chatting and dozing off.

October 25 late night

Unpacked, dead tired, sleeping now.

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