One thought on “Kawaii Halloween Catboy

  1. You opened a Ko-Fi account too LOL. I don’t have any donors yet, but at the same time, I don’t know how to promote my learning/creative blog. Bleh.

    Lovely art as always. I’ve been on and off lately because I was really working into “moving on” from my current job into something new and exciting, plus I immersed myself with more studying (and sometimes a bit of Sims 4 LOL). I’ll send more Sims 4 stories when I have more time. I have a human-vampire couple with a hybrid little girl right now (707’s youngest daughter and her childhood sweetheart who’s a vampire in disguise LOL).

    Anyways, talk/tweet to you when I can. Hope all is well (more or less) where you are right now. We’re alright out here, we finally have our local firefighters contain the wildfires and the wildfire smoke that was lingering our atmosphere has faded.


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