Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana

Adol Christin can add saving my life to his extensive adventurer’s resume.

This game kept me sane through the Internet-less boredom fiasco that was hurricane Maria’s aftermath.

I like how they improved the map function from Memories of Celceta. Now you don’t need to hug every corner, just being at a reasonable distance from the edges will register those areas on the map.

The overall plot felt a bit slower and slice of life than other Ys games at first since you’re not immediately thrown into the more legendary aspect of the story, which does later emerge. None the less, the subplots are still fun and add some variety. Survivor, murder mystery, Pirates of the Caribbean, you’ll get those vibes alongside the usual Ys goodness.

I’m writing this ahead with the intention of posting when I can get back online. I have six party members, so I think that’s everyone. I love Adol and Dogi as much as ever, but of the new playable characters my favorites are Hummel, the adorkable transporter, and Ricotta, the fashionable jungle girl. I wish Silvia was playable.

The overall plot, legend and ending wasn’t as strong as Celceta or Seven. It felt like they were aiming big, so big they went into deus ex machina territory, but overall the game is still lots of fun so that little detail at the end can be forgiven.

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