The hurricane is old news by now, but things are still not back to normal in the middle of no where.

I always knew the place was incompetent, they don’t maintain the electricity and water systems properly until they break. The grid fell apart months ago and there was a massive blackout on clear sunny days. I’m not going to accept excuses and let them say it was all the hurricane. Plus the slow pace of the recovery is inexcusable.

I’ll be trying to catch up with everything today. I have a lot of stuff to post that I’ve been working on offline. During the dark ages (which are still not over) Mom and Internet Mom had their birthdays. Happy (late) birthday!

Many thanks to everyone who’s been trying to reach me. I posted my old blogs, though they feel very outdated. They were written on the twenties of September. If you still want to have a look at the more detailed description of what was going on please DM me on Twitter for the password. I’ll also post an update on the family situation and my parent’s health, you can DM me for that password too.

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