Let’s see if I can catch up.

These are my blue glasses. I don’t now where they are. I gave them to the doctor’s husband who works at the airport (though in a different area than me) and I haven’t heard from them. I supposed they’ll mail them eventually.


Here are some hurricane pics, damage from debris and wind.


Something hit my tire… and that’s the least of it. The water tank and heating got turn apart and so did the back porch.



My batteries drowned and the system stopped working for a week. Getting them to repair the charge regulator, which had rusted fast, was very difficult. All the services have been slow and bad. Here’s what the road and airport looked like.


A lot of vegetation is beat up and dried up. The roads were messed up too.


There is still a lot of rebuilding left to do.


2 thoughts on “Hurricane Update

  1. So good for you to be able to come online again. It’s been way too long, the hurricane has left your home devastated and response from the mainland had been upsetting. My church, in which we have a pretty good population of Hispanics (though mostly Mexican), have gathered together to donate for the hurricane aid. I donated a lot of my old clothes that I no longer wear, canned goods and non-perishable items. My family and I really did a lot of major cleaning in our place. I donated old textbooks to my local library (books are less important than the more necessities such as food, water, batteries, and clothes). Even though it’s a small deed, at least I’ve done my part.

    Where I live now, we are suffering from uncontrollable wildfires that’s quickly spreading throughout the northern part of the Bay Area, so much that smoke and the fumes along with it have been carried by the strong winds down south, and now my hometown and the neighboring cities are now seeing smoky and murky clouds and also smelled the fumes also. We’re not expecting any federal aid because they never send us any in the first place in all wildfire events that I have, so now we’re only relying on ourselves and a few neighboring states to help us contain the fires. As of today, 21 people have been killed, several homes, our grape and fruit orchards and crops (since this is the Wine Country too) have been completely burned, it’s a very huge loss for California.

    So much disasters and tragedies has happened this year alone. Aside from doing what we can from sending and volunteering aid, all we could do is pray.


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