I’m feeling so much better now that the solar backup is up and running.

No rewiring was needed but they couldn’t isolate the AC without rewiring. I’ll have to manually shut it down and switch to a fan to conserve power, if I even notice the blackout. I asked mom to watch out for them because I don’t want to drain my batteries. The stove and microwave are isolated, but the fridge is in the system, and more importantly, the outlets I use for my electronics and internet.

solar battery backup

The batteries kick in so fast that the electricity doesn’t even blink. I’m not too worried though, since there’s usually plenty of sunlight to go around, so if they do get drained, they’ll recharge soon enough.

Later, when I have a break from work, I’ll go glasses shopping for a blue frame, until then I’ll wear the pink ones. I’ll post pics when I get the new ones.

4 thoughts on “Solar

  1. I never realized how complicated life could be with the solar energy system installed. I remember my sister and husband’s house have a centralized system so they can control everything from the solar to the AC to other things.

    I’ll have to wait until next year to get new glasses, that is, should I need to have new glasses. I don’t really care much about the frames, as long as there are transition lenses so that I’d have “sunglasses” on when I’m outside. 😉

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    1. The system is automatic, so I don’t really need to do anything. XD

      I have transitions but poly blocks light better and can’t really be transitioned so I have a separate pair with poly sunglasses. I’m picky with frames. XD I’m wearing pink for now but miss switching between pink and blue.


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