It seems that I’m always meaning to blog more but I rarely do. Let’s see if I can catch up on all the latest happenings.

This blog turned out longer than I thought… Maybe I’ll blog again sometime? For the most part I’m usually on Twitter. I think I’ll divide this into topics.

Solar Power

As I mentioned some time ago on twitter, we’re converting the house to hybrid power, with a solar backup to be specific. It has nothing to do with the environment, I’m pro solar because of convenience, not for the planet’s sake, but for my own.

Local power in the middle of nowhere can be unreliable, especially recently, and this backup should help with that. I wrote an article about being a pro solar who can’t stand the idea of being labeled an environmentalist, but haven’t posted it yet. I might later. I usually abstain from expressing my love for photovoltaic rechargeable gel batteries because I want nothing to do with the whole environmental drama, but I do love those solar charged batteries, because of the tech they can conveniently and economically power.

Sadly, because I’m in the middle of nowhere, stuff takes a while to get here, and the proper materials are yet to arrive to commence installation. I should probably call them again tomorrow to complain about the delay. I have seen the system in action though and want to have it asap. I tense up every time the electricity flickers, thinking it’ll go out and I’ll be condemned to limited technology and boredom.


On other sad news, my blue Sketcher glasses broke while I was at work. I spent half a shift holding papers up close and leaning into the computer to see. I have my pink Vogue glasses, but the blue ones were my favorite. I also have a silver pair, but they’re my stay at home glasses, since they’re kind of plain and I want to be a kawaii megane. The prescription is the same on all of them, just different frames.

I’ve been looking at possible glasses to buy, since blue is my favorite color and I’ll miss having a blue pair. Though I like the pink Vogue pair I have, I wasn’t able to find them in blue and their current selection didn’t catch my attention. Prada and Michael Kors failed to impress and I wasn’t able to find any Elizabeth Arden. My first glasses as a teenager were Elizabeth Arden, I wonder if they even make glasses anymore?

I didn’t just look at those brands, that’s just were my expectations were higher. I’m picky with glasses, fashion has moved to big glasses that don’t favor me. I need small glasses, especially with the type of prescription I use. Even with ultra thin lenses, the larger the lenses, the thicker they’ll be on the sides. I can’t wear contacts, due to my eyes being sensitive and tearing up.

I like half rim glasses, which makes it easier to get the lenses resized. I was once told by a place that they couldn’t do a custom cut because it was “impossible” without the proper mold. This obviously begs the question, why don’t you just make a custom mold? I recommend asking about this type of thing before getting any purchases started. It’s a simple request, but a lot of places are too lazy, or too outdated, or just lacking the skill to make basic mods to the lenses.

Fortunately, I found a good place for lenses. They did my pink Vogue pair with a custom mold, the original sample lenses were taller. I found a cute pair I can order that’s surprisingly cheap for how nice it looks. I hope it doesn’t lose its shine, I always worry that’ll happen with the lesser known brands. I’ll have to get the lenses resized if I get it though, since I don’t like the size. I also saw another alternative, a tad pricier but still cheaper than local stores, from Kate Spade, never heard of them before, but they have some cute and colorful options.

My concern is more so about quality than brand name, but if a brand is familiar at least you know what to expect. I’ve owned Elizabeth Arden, Sketchers and Vogue glasses before as well as other brands, though these are the ones that stayed nice and shiny the longest. The manager from my past position at work had a Michael Kors pair and she seemed quite happy with them. I’ll still give these other unknown brands a try, if they lose their shine, I suppose I’ll just have to replace them, but I’ll at least have something nice to wear for a while.

At least I don’t have to go to far to have the lenses made. I’ll just drop everything off with a coworker so he can take them to his wife, who’s an eye doctor. They also give me better prices than any other place, my prescription is expensive. I have astigmatism, myopia, light sensitivity, elongated eyes, and general sensitivity. Genetics, you win some, you lose some.

I actually knew I needed glasses since I was a kid, but hid it until I failed my driver’s eye exam at 16 because I didn’t want glasses back then. Fortunately, I didn’t mind anymore by the time they became a necessity, because in the years between childhood and adolescence, glasses had become a cute accessory. Nowadays I like having several cute pairs. I’m a proud megane girl.

Video Games

All these expenses are making me delay the purchase of my Play Station 4. On the bright side, I’ve found a way around the Surface Pro 4’s overheating problem and I’ve been able to play Fairy Fencer F for much longer, albeit at a lower resolution. Apparently it’s a hardware thing that has happened to other people and there are tricks around it.

I heard that a coworker is going on vacation in the middle of the month so I’ll have a busier schedule, but I’m trying to look on the bright side, at least I’ll earn more. I hope to move forward on Fairy Fencer F and maybe even finish the game before my schedule gets busy. As always, there will be screen shots on Steam.

I’m also still enjoying Yugioh! Duel Links on mobile. I haven’t leveled up in a while, since I don’t have the right cards, but it’s still fun to play. If anyone wants to duel, contact me on Twitter at miliazure.

Art and Entertainment

Nail art plans for the future include Teen Titans and a lighthouse, though I’m yet to plan out each nail. I went with simple perfume bottles today, since I needed to take the extra time to file my nails. As much as I love long nails, they don’t mix well with touch screens.

I’m almost done with a fanart of Eryn from Fairy Fencer F, which I’ll post soon.

I’m on Season 5, Episode 23 of Pretty Little Liars. Tyler Blackburn, aka Caleb Rivers, is still my favorite and main reason for watching.

A coworker is encouraging me to watch Glee, though the overall premise doesn’t catch my attention, she’s trying to motivate me by showing me pics of handsome actors… I may or may not have tentatively already picked a potential favorite, I guess it depends on the type of character he plays.

I really miss Relativity and hope the author resolves things and gets to a place where writing is once again enjoyable. Caleb is making me miss Johnny, the Relativity computer geek.

2 thoughts on “Life Update

  1. Yay, long entry coming from Miks! 😀

    SOLAR POWER – Before my sister and her husband got married some 3 years before, they already purchased a new house together. After marriage and had their first honeymoon in Tahiti, they went ahead straight to work on the house. I even remembered that they had to live in our house for awhile until they got some stuff done with their new house (it’s pretty close by, so it’s cool LOL). They installed solar panels in their house first thing, and after letting us know how the house feels like being run under solar power (saved them a lot of money too), my dad actually considered having solar panels installed in our house too instead of traditional electricity. The problem is, Mom is one of those “traditionalists,” and she would always have questions and comments regarding the newer/more convenient technology, and because of that, the parents end up arguing. So yeah, no updates yet on the solar panel plans on our house. And it sucks on our part because we happen to live in a state that is a huge advocate of the environment and clean energy, and I personally am for clean energy and stricter gas emissions too, and then we’ve got some “traditionalists” (sorry Mom) who just ruin things with their petty comments that make no sense. Glad you guys are working on that on your home. It’s a long process, but at the end, the wait is worth it. 🙂

    GLASSES – I’m on my second year of my pair of glasses, but I’m getting bored with them. I get my eye exams yearly because of my diabetes, and I feel like my eyesight is getting worse and worse by the minute (well, it’s more of like I can’t wear glasses anymore when I’m in close proximity, to the point that I would only wear them when I’m driving or looking at long distances). I’ll have to wait till next year again in hopes that I can get new glasses.

    VIDEO GAMES – Well, you know what’s up with me and video games LOL. Glad to hear that your Surface Pro is working properly now.

    ART & ENTERTAINMENT – I still don’t watch TV. I sometimes watch Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, but other than that, that’s it. LOL.

    I’ve been using a lot more Illustrator lately than Photoshop for my web graphics nowadays. These character creators have been a huge help for me, and I’m having fun with them. The more I’ll be making these web graphics, the more I feel prepared to open that logo shop that I planned for The NINPOJineous LOL. I still haven’t tried that Fontself plugin because I still have to create my fonts by hand first. (more of like “hand using the WACOM tablet” since I can’t draw my fonts with my trackball LOL).

    So nice to see you and your nail art again. Ever thought of opening a side shop just for those interested in nail art for some side cash maybe? ^^

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    1. Full solar is expensive, cheaper in the long run, but the initial investment is pretty big, so I’ll just stick to a backup by now. That’s the reason why I want renewable to prosper, better batteries, more efficiency and lower prices. Then maybe the door will open for future updates.

      My eyes tend to get worse too 😦 I hope you can find cute glasses you like too. I still haven’t really bought any, I’m looking around.

      I watch Netflix and You Tube. I’ve started to refer to streaming as watching TV lol. The old way doesn’t exist in my life anymore.

      I’ve thought about this, people have asked about it. XD Maybe when things are less busy.


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