I’ve been meaning to blog more, so on to what I’ve been up to.

Tales of Berseria is cooperating, sort of. My laptop still overheats if I play it for too long, but I can play for a while with a fan aimed at it. I think I’ll be able to finish it sometime this year, slowly but (mostly) surely. I’m enjoying it so far, but it’s too soon to pass judgement. Tales of Hearts is still my number one Tales game, it has that classic JRPG feel with a less level grindy modern style. Zeteria and Berseria are great, but while they all have characters I like, I find that the plot of Hearts feels the most creative.

Magilou is funny. I like Eizen and Rokurou. Laphicet is cute, but I don’t like that he was portrayed as a stereotypical helpless little kid that you’re supposed to tolerate just because he’s little. I’m torn between telling him not to drag the team down and just patting him on the head and declaring him the party’s pet. I don’t kids, but Laphicet is still adorable, annoyingly helpless at times, yet cute, so I hope he improves and becomes less clumsy/dependant. I really do want to see him grow as a character. I think I might like him more if he continues to grow, not that I hate him now, I like him as a character, I just find his portrayal to be cliche, especially in relation to Velvet. Instead of hitting me in the feels like they intended, it’s making me roll my eyes.

As for Velvet, she’s ok, I neither like nor dislike her, she’s just there. I liked her at first, before the whole thing with her brother, I prefer that version of her character. Later she gets all gloomy and a bit boring. I guess I’m just not into gloomy characters, they seem overly dramatic. Rokurou in contrast, wants revenge, but he’s much more laid back in his general attitude, so it’s easier to take him seriously, where as Velvet feels silly in her doom and gloom sometimes. I think that her character will improve though, being around cheerful characters like Magilou seems to be doing the whole crew some good, making them less uptight.

I put Velvet in her village clothes because they seemed better than the rags she wears as a default outfit later on. I know that’s her official costume, but couldn’t she afford something less raggedy, if only for the sake of blending in? The outfit itself looked like it was cool before it became rags. The others are in their default outfits because that’s all I have for them so far. I did change Eizen’s hair because I think he looks more handsome with his hair brushed back, though he’s still handsome either way.

Currently Playing:
Tales of Berseria (Steam)
Yugioh Duel Links (iPhone)

On Hold:
World of Final Fantasy (Vita)
Asdivine Hearts (Vita)

Have but Haven’t Started:
Hatoful Holiday Star (Steam)

Looking Forward to Getting:
Ys Lacrimosa of Dana (Vita)

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