Video Games I Played in 2017 (Jan-May)

Just like last year, I’ll be going over every new game I played this year. Unlike last year, I’ll actually post as the year goes by rather than at the end. There are no spoilers here, throw caution to the wind and read on.

I started Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth in 2016 and finished it in 2017. It was good but not amazing, still good enough to finish.

I replayed several Ys and Trails games, 2017 started out as the year of Falcom. My most anticipated game for this year so far was Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky 3. I didn’t expect it to be as good as 2, and it wasn’t. Even if I tried to keep my expectations realistic, 3 initially felt disappointingly average, but having finished it I can say it was good. It wasn’t as good as 1 and 2, but good in its own right and definitely worth playing. It that sense it felt similar to Trails Cold Steel 1 and 2 in 2016, good, enjoyable, but not quite worthy of a spot in my all time favorites list like my beloved Trails in the Sky 2. Here’s the list if you’re curious.

If you want some spoilerific Trails in the Sky 3 posts, here are two rants of disappointment from early on and a positive one from later. I guess you can count this as another positive one so it’s balanced. Like I said, this post contains no spoilers, but the 3 rants have plenty!

Games I started but haven’t finished:


Tales of Berseria – I stopped due to my computer overheating with it. The recommended specs are an Intel i5 and 4GB RAM, I have an Intel i7 and 16 GB RAM, but I can only play for 30-70 minutes before it overheats. Apparently ultra thin laptops don’t belong this close to the equator line, meanwhile, I get cold if the temperature goes below 80. From the 3 hours I managed to play, the game looked good. Not amazing, but very good, with potential to get better as it went along.

Fairy Fencer F – I’m not playing it for the reasons explained above. Despite not having heard much about it, it was off to a good start. Nice art and likeable characters, but I didn’t get too far.

Sweet Lily Dreams – Got it as a gift, I think I’ll be able to play it, since it’s pixel retro, so it should be light enough. Trails in the Sky 3 was light enough so I could play for at least 3 hours before the overheating began.

The problem with overheating is that I won’t be about to use my computer for a while afterwards, so I can’t go draw fanart or do web-design while it cools unless I use my old laptop, which feels sad. Maybe I’ll just start playing these games but by bit before going to bed, then when the laptop overheats, I can just turn it off and go to sleep.


Asdivine Hearts – Pixel retro, fun story, amusing characters, a bit cliche. I got it a few months ago when I got sick with a virus that was going around, just so I could have a new game to play the next day while waiting at the doctor’s office. I’ve been playing on and off.

World of Final Fantasy – Cute, don’t like the combat / monster collecting much but don’t really dislike it either. It feels like there was missed potential, but it’s still good. The main pro is that it has cute chibis. Also been playing on and off.


Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links – Surprisingly good and true to the original anime, which was the only one I liked. It lacks the unnecesarry and annoying overcomplicated card effects of the later games, but has enough complexity to require some strategy. The bad thing about these more “complete” mobile games is that they take a while to download, the games themselves are of higher quality than the usual mobile games, but having an unusable phone while a download takes place is much more annoying than simply having an unusuable Vita. The worse part is that if the download gets interrupted, you have to start over, which stopped me from playing several games, just because they were annoying to obtain. The technology to continue an interruoted download has been around for years. There’s no excuse for this to still be happening. This problem is of course, not exclusive to this game, there was once a mobile Kingdom Hearts games that I never got around to play because I needed my phone for something else and kept interrupting the download. Annoyances aside, I’ll keep this game for quite some time since dueling friends is fun.

Sailor Moon Sailor Drops – Thankfully, this one downloaded pretty quickly. It’s a generic, overused, match three, Candy Crush rip off, but it’s cute. Getting stuck is innevitable and you either pay for powerups (not happening) or stay stuck. I played several hundred stages and a few events and thought about deleting it. I still have it, since I have some friends to play it and it can be fun to compare event scores, but I don’t play often.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius – It reminds me of Tales of Link, cute, but not particularly original. You summon characters, you fight RPG style, you can even auto fight. I got over this type of game with Tales of Link so it never got around to catching my attention. It’s cute, just not my thing in terms of gameplay. 💻 Deviant Art 💻 Word Press 💻 Tumblr


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