Since a few people have wondered about this before, I decided to write my reasons.

Let’s start with the obvious, appearance. The appearance of the site is plain at best, which I suppose is done on purpose to keep the focus on the posts, but that doesn’t make it any less boring looking. You can’t really customize it like you can with a domain, so it’s not nearly as unique and personal.

But aren’t other joinable sites that you post at kind of plain too? You might ask. Yes, in some ways they are, but that was just a small point to mention, now we’re moving on to the main reason: the topic.

Facebook is mostly a social platform and I’m not someone who focuses on socializing. I’m about the things I like. Of course I enjoy sharing those things with other people, but neither them nor I, are the main event, the topic itself what matters. It’s not about the mere fact that you exist, it’s about the fact that you have something interesting to say about a topic that we both enjoy related to entertainment. It’s not about people, it’s about what they make. Show me your talent and then I’ll care about you. Everyone has a talent, but not everyone tries to develop it, only those who do are truly interesting.

Hobbyists, gamers, artists and fans of Asian series, animated and live, are the people I talk to online. While some of them do use Facebook, they also use other sites. I find that sites such as Deviant Art and Tumblr are better to view art, where as Facebook tends to focus on the mundane (people’s personal lives) more often than the creative. To put it simply, Facebook bores me.

Some may point out that there are communities in Facebook that focus on particular topics, including some I enjoy on other sites, but the fact remains that the bulk of the site is social drama.

The way things are shared on Facebook is awful. Images and digital materials get stolen and passed around all over the Internet, but it seems to be worse on Facebook.

Then there’s the matter of identity, how it’s against the rules to use a pen name and so on. You can obviously get away with breaking this rule, but if it gets reported that’s it. It’s ridiculous how they want people to publish themselves. I don’t want to publish myself, I want to publish my art, it’s not about me or my opinions, or lack thereof.

Finally, there’s the fact that it’s over crowded. Of course there are some intelligent individuals who, for various reasons, happen to use Facebook, but can anyone deny that the idiots vastly outnumber them?

I’ve heard some people say that Facebook is the biggest network, and in many ways it is, but not for reasons I enjoy or respect. For all the critiques that You Tube might get (certainly not as many was Facebook though), I actually enjoy that one. I enjoy that it has more creativity. I’m sure most of us have heard of a famous You Tuber, but probably not a famous Facebooker. In that sense, promoting talent and creativity, You Tube has Facebook beat by a lot.

Twitter gets a pass because it’s more so like a combination of texting and chatting than the the more drawn out social media. It’s quick and to the point. Some of my favorite networks include Deviant Art because of its focus on art, Word Press because it’s convenient and customizable, and the Wellspring Dreams Club because of its relaxed atmosphere.

Most people claim they use Facebook to keep up with relatives, and that’s fine, I don’t know what everyone’s situation may be, it’s just not something I would do. Regardless of who you are, if you want to talk to me, come talk to me on a site we both like. I have no shortage of people I admire in my life, thus there’s no need for me to go out of my way for anyone when I’m quite happy with those I already have.

In conclusion, I don’t need it, I don’t like it, so I won’t use it. Is it possible for my opinion to change? Only as far as the site itself could change, technically possible, but highly unlikely.

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