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Lol, I still have paint stains from when I removed the Pacman manicure from last week. I love Pacman, but my nails were growing out and I can have my two week roots showing. I went with a simple theme, sweets and flowers, since I had to take some extra time to cut and file. As much as I love long nails, I also love videogames and technology, which means controllers and touch screens.

My Beauty Secrets top coat ran out, I like it because it’s gentle as the first layer in contact with the paint, which itself as I have previously blogged, doesn’t stick to natural nails, hence the necessity for a polish base. I just use regular polish rather than base coat though, since I don’t care about my nails turning white, they’re always painted anyway. If you occasionally go without nail art though, you should definitely protect your natural pink with base coat.

IMG_9323This time I used Sally Hansen’s top coat. Sally Hansen products have been hit or miss with me, providing a ridiculous variation of quality, so I tend to be cautious with them. It was the best top coat available without having to get stuck in traffic for another 20 minutes to visit a different store, so I got it. I was pleasantly surprised, I hope this means that Sally Hansen is getting their act together and regulating the level of quality across their products. Lol no, no sponsors, my blog’s not famous enough for that. I just like writing out real nail stuff recs.

Speaking of recs, I’m still using Crafter’s for the actual drawing details. I haven’t really mentioned it much, but I should, because I got these back in 2014 and they’re still good. I do my nails every 2 weeks and rarely do color mixes, (though it is possible, I’ve done it a few times, including today, and they mix well), so I don’t use a large amount of paint per mani, hence why the paint has lasted so long. It’s not perfect though. Red and green are a bit watery, they were always like that, and white’s a bit denser. I don’t know if that’s an issue if the products or these specific ones, but I can get around it by being careful not to smudge the white and adding a thin coat of white under the red and green so they don’t look see-through.


It’s been a while since I’ve written a nail blog like this, so I wanted to type one up. I’m still playing Trails in the Sky 3 on Steam and starting to enjoy it more. Once I finish Sky 3, I plan to go back to Asdivine Hearts on the Vita and later World of Final Fantasy, also on Vita. Still totally looking forward to Ys Lacrimosa of Dana on the Vita.

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