This is a diary of my time playing Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky the 3rd. I will divide the entries by days, some are longer than others depending on how much I play and how much I have to say. I’ll be commenting on things as I go along, hence why the topics may change drastically from one paragraph to another. There will be spoilers. 

Day 2

When a character makes a flimsy excuse to leave, you can tell it’s because your party is full and you need to make room from the next character, but it’s ok, because their behavior makes sense in their story. When a character speaks of some mysterious rules of a dimension as if it could ever make sense, that’s just lazy. Those are not the rules of that place, they’re the rules of the game. Breaking the forth wall for fun is fine, even amusing, but it doesn’t sit well when the characters insist on pretending it all still makes sense in their world. In a bonus dungeon it’s ok, it’s a bonus, it’s just there for an extra challenge and it can have an odd set of rules that don’t make sense within the story because they are purely in service of the gameplay. Doing that in a main game though isn’t the same thing. I expected more from the main game. 

In 1 and 2 even the side quests felt significant, they fit into the story and were taken as an opportunity for character development. The gameplay is so well integrated into a great story that it all just flows. In 3 they have the elements of a good story and a fun combat system, but they setting fails to connect them. I’ve played 8 Legend of Heroes games, here they are, from best to okay, not worse, just okay, none of them, not even this one, is bad, they’re all good, I would recommend playing all of them, but not all of them make it into my top favorite games. 

Trails in the Sky 2

Trails in the Sky 1

Tear of Vermilion 

Trails of Cold Steel 

Trails of Cold Steel 2

Song of the Ocean

Prophecy of the Moonlight Witch

Trails in the Sky 3 isn’t on the list yet, I’ll wait until I’m done to add it in. What they have isn’t bad, I’m just sad to see what could have been go to waste. A could use a while game full of secret spy style Gralsritter missions. Regular Kevin is boring, but the amusing James Bond style made me enjoy his character for a short while, too bad it didn’t last. As for Ries… I’m indifferent. Her jokes fall flat but I have no reason to dislike her. She’s just kind of there, trying to be quirky and not quite showing the energy to get there.

The start of day 1 was filled with anticipation, which the prologue fulfilled head on, too bad chapter 1 dropped the ball. It’s not too late though, this game can still make a miraculous recovery. 

The obligatory silver haired bishie baddie has a name, but I still think he’s a possessed Loewe. Technology and mythology are blending in a clunky way in 3, unlike the smooth story telling of 2. Chapter 1 is finished.

Persona 3 and Ys: Origin are games that work well with just one multilevel dungeon. Origin is actually from Falcom, which also made Sky 3. I wasn’t expecting Origin to be as good as the other Ys but it actually was. I wasn’t expecting Sky 3 to be as good as 1 and 2, and it’s not, but I didn’t expect it to be this jarring. I’ll have to pretend the dungeon never happened as just look at the flashbacks by themselves. It’s better if you think of it as a bunch of bonus scenes rather than a continuation. As a continuation it doesn’t stand on its own, as a separate game it doesn’t stand on its own, but it is a wonderful bonus. 

Alternate world that looks just like the real one? Why not just have the new adventure take place in the same world? It worked fine between 1 and 2. Looks like I won’t be getting out of this crummy dungeon during the whole game. Getting a Gralsritter notebook and no Gralsritter missions is sad. 

Mueller is good to have on the team, but I’m starting to wonder if Kyle will appear or just Josette… I’m in the alternate Grancel right now, just saw the Bobcat. 

Got Josette and accepted the fact that this isn’t a full game. It’s a collection of random slice of life scenes of the characters poorly tied together by a generic dungeon interface. I’ve stopped tweeting because I have nothing more to say than what I’ve already said. I love Trails in the Sky 1 and 2, I’m very disappointed with 3. That is all. This daily blog project is cancelled, this game isn’t worth talking about this much. I’ll comment again when and if something note worthy happens. 

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