Trails in the Sky 3: Day 1

This is a diary of my time playing Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky the 3rd. I will divide the entries by days, some are longer than others depending on how much I play and how much I have to say. I’ll be commenting on things as I go along and there will be spoilers. 

Day 1

The game started strong with Kevin playing James Bond. I liked the secret agent tone, the prologue was good.

Things went downhill in chapter 1. It was interesting meeting Tita’s mother, Erika, but they were trying too hard to make her stand out. Her character is pulled in too many directions, which makes her come off more so insane than eccentric. She doesn’t have a quirk, she has all of them. Her character could have been so much better if they didn’t overload her and turn her into a walking contradiction of seriousness and randomness.

Seeing a silver haired man in a mask was interesting. My guess is he’s Loewe, somehow back from the dead. The mystery lies in how he got to where he is now, if that really is him.

The cube artifact feels too much like a generic random fantasy and the new dungeon is boring so far. The only explanation I can come up with is lost MMO technology from before the great collapse with an AI that’s been tampered with. Please don’t let it be destiny, destiny is boring. 

Why is Tita getting a memory fragment? She showed no indication of having amnesia and even mentioned where she was before being brought to the ruins. It feels like it’s a crummy excuse to play a good story scene with ill fitting generic gameplay in between. It’s like they wrote a story and didn’t have time to integrate it into the gameplay. The hub world should have been a bonus dungeon at best. The plot is good with Reene, Agate and Tita, but the way it’s presented in game is uncharacteristically lazy. 

Agate and Josette have been referenced as party characters. This really feels like a mix of bonus dungeon with visual novel, one is plot-less and the other is all about the plot, so they don’t mesh well. This would have been so much better if it was about various Gralsritter adventures with the secret agent tone from the prologue, rather than a single boring dungeon. The story of the flashbacks is good so far, but why are they even flashbacks? 

So much wasted potential. The writers did well, those in charge of gameplay, not so much. The setting breaks the lore, which feels very wrong in such a story centric game. This might change in the future since I’m still in chapter 1, but so far I’d say everything worthwhile about the game can probably be found on You Tube, great story to watch, the gameplay itself if disappointingly generic. Its like they’re shattering the forth wall and poorly pretending they didn’t. 

My top three favorite games of all time are Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VII, and Trails in the Sky 2. I didn’t expect 3 to be as good as 2, I didn’t expect it to be as good as 1, I just wish it was as good as its own prologue. 

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