Lately I’ve been playing Sailor Moon Drops, another “generic match 3” game that’s strangely fun. Before this, I used to play Pokemon Shuffle, but I got to that inevitable point in mobile games where it’s impossible to progress without turning to the old “pay to win” so I deleted it. Before that… I never got into Candy Crush. I guess it was still too much of a trend back then and not enough of an established genre, so I didn’t pay much attention to it. I’ve been posting my slow progress on Twitter:

Speaking of Twitter and clones, I recently joined Mastodon and I’m using it via the Amaroq app. Feel free to add me: Then again… the server seems to be down, so I might have to switch to a different instance. My banner wouldn’t show up on the browser version of that instance anyway, though it displayed on Amaroq, so maybe it’s for the best. Here’s my new Mastodon

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