13 Reason Why… The Netflix series that’s way more famous than I expected. First a few comments without any spoilers.

Overall it’s not my usual thing. I’m more into sci-fi, fantasy and superheroes, but this series kept enough, mystery and suspense going throughout its run to make me keep watching. You know what will happen at the end from the very start, but you end up wondering how in the world the story is going to get there. I like how they used elements that made it clear when something was the present or a flashback, yet they presented it in a way that didn’t need transitions and the scenes could just flow. There were some details that were not solid, but could be attributed to the characters’ misperception rather than a plot hole. Though the story of the two main characters was told, the rest of the cast could use a second season to continue their stories.

That’s it for the spoiler free part. From this point on it’s spoiler city, along with some ideas for a second season. Be warned that mature subjects will be discussed, you can still be respectful even if you disagree, this is just my opinion. This warning also applies to the comments, you might post spoilers freely, since everyone has already been warned.

Though it’s not much of a spoiler, earlier I was talking about the use of the bandaid on Clay.

I think the stop sign thing was kind of dumb. Sheri was one of the nicer characters. She stayed sober and offered to help Hanna, and hit the sign because she was digging around her purse to lend Hanna her phone. Though she certainly made a mistake and should have handled it better, she had no malice and left because she was scared of getting into trouble. Hanna being left behind was the worse thing Sheri did, though I didn’t like Hanna’s attitude in that instance.

I get that Hanna was trying to stand on the moral high ground, but Sheri was giving her a much needed ride, offering help when no one else did, and Hanna’s more worried about a stop sign than about Sheri. I don’t blame Sheri for feeling betrayed in that instance. As for the boy’s death, I don’t think the sign was the cause. It’s an intersection, how stupid do you have to be not to know that you’re supposed to make sure noone is coming before you drive on? I think he really was drunk.

Sheri’s next mistake was calling 911 to report something that happened 2 weeks ago. That’s only for emergencies, if she felt the need to ease your councience, she should have just called the regular police line. Again this is something done without malice, merely out of ignorance. If the series gets a secon season, I hope she and Clay have more interaction and she is able to move on from her guilt.

I’m not one of those people who hates the rich just because they’re rich. That’s a stereotype, you can be rich, enjoy your riches and be nice without being a walking charity. I mean, if I was rich (which I’m far from being, but hey, let me dream) I would use it to take care of the people that are important to me and give them as much as I can. It’s only natural to want to take care of your loved ones first, even if strangers might need it more. I’m not a hero, I am loyal, in case you couldn’t already tell from my comments on Sheri. Some may call it selfish, yet isn’t it ironic to call giving to your loved ones selfish? I never help my friends simply because they need it, I help them because I want to, because they’ve earned it by earning my friendship, and I’m willing to help them, even if they don’t really need it, because I care.

I’m sure you figured out that the previous paragraph is leading up to Zack. I don’t hate him for enjoying what he has and I don’t hate him for having an expensive car. His behaviour was that of a typical high school kid. He might have been a bit immature, but not malicious. I hope his character gets more growth and he starts getting some better influence in his life.

Bryce was a jerk, I hope he gets tossed in jail. The trial, the evidence, Clay’s mom as a lawyer, the councelor from the school, that would all make for an interesting plot for season 2. Let’s not forget Jessica as a crucial witness for the many accusations against him. The councelor is very likely to be fired. He’s another character that I don’t think was malicious, but he was certainly an underachiever when it came to his job. He should have followed up on Hanna’s claims rather than trying to put doubt in her mind and hope that she could solve it on her own without having to get too involved.

Then there are the obvious questions such as, is Alex alive? I think it might be interesting to keep him in a coma for a while and expand on his family situation. If they can make a dead character an integral part of the show, they can certainly do that with a coma patient. He can show up in flashbacks and we’ll have the uncertainty of if he’ll live of die, and in what condition he’ll be if he lives. When they first mentioned he was shot, I thought they were talking about the photographer, Tyler.

On the subject of Tyler, this is a plot hole I cannot excuse. Someone who knows about photography should have enough knowledge of light to understand that when it’s dark out it might be hard to see out through the glass windows of a room, but it’s really easy to see in. Why didn’t he close his windows? He knew there were people out there throwing rocks. His carelessness was so stupid, I have to call it a plot hole. None the less, his character has the potential to bring some drama to season 2. He could become the a school shooter and that would certainly put an intense twist in the series.

Justin apparently left, armed and confused. He might lurk in the shadows for a while, with rumors, true and false, slowly being confirmed or discredited. No one knows if he’s back or if he’s really still missing. Once he does return to the city, the questions would be about what he’s doing and planning.

Though I have no problems with series presenting the troublesome side of guns, and the importance of responsability cannot be emphatized enough, I should clarify that I am not an anti-gun person. In my oppinion the bad guys are going to have them anyway, so the decent lawabbiding citizens should be allowed to have them as well. A responsible person shouldn’t lose their right to have the mans to protect themselves and their loves ones because of the actions of a few nasty extremists. In case you’re curious, no, I don’t own any weapons (unless you count kitchen knives), but I live with my family in a calm neigborhood. If I lived alone or in an isolated area, you bet I’d sign up for a legal license, for protection only.

Resonsibility is key and Jessica’s parents were not responsible in properly locking up the guns, her father should have taken care to change the conbination every now and then for security. I thought she was going to shoot Bryce and honestly, I would have been more concerned about how such an action would affect her than him. She shouldn’t have had access to the safe at all, even more so in her state of mind.

Finally, there’s the matter of Hanna and how her character can be presented without going over the same flashback plot points of season 1. My idea for this is to explore the effects of her death on her mother’s mind. She showed some of this at the restaurant when she spoke about Hanna as if she was alive. The audio files might have further traumatized her to the point where she sees Hanna in hallucinations.

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