I’ve dealt with some Surface Pro 4 troubles lately, yet my cheaper, older, lesser specs Asus continues to behave beautifully. None the less, my little Asus doesn’t have work as a drawing tablet, just a regular touch screen, and it doesn’t have the power to play certain Steam games, so some things have slowed down or been put on hold.

While I dealt with my reduced Steam time, I picked up the Vita again and played my favorite Vocaloid game, Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F2, and I’ll say it again, F2 is infinitely better than X, it would be very unfair to judge F2 based on the notable dip in quality that came with X.

HMPDF2 is still one of my top favorite games of all time, despite it not being my usual genre of JRPG. I’ve played this game enough to get all the wearable items in the shop, including the minor stuff everyone always leaves for last like small color variations of the same item. It’s still a fun and cute game to pick up for a few songs every now and then.


Network: http://azurelight.net

Deviant Art: http://mikaristar.deviantart.com

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