I’ve been going through some older codes in my notes. Time is not kind to codes, technology is said to age 15 years for every human year that passes.

My phone doesn’t like iframes, phones in general don’t like things that scroll other than the body, but now it’s been showing them as if they were divs, stretching them to the length of the content. Oh well, I don’t really use iframes anymore, I haven’t in a long time, but it’s still kind of sad to see them so broken.

This coding example worked for over a year and then it didn’t. Without changing the page, it changed the effect. I checked it and validated it, but I can only blame the passing of time. The way that browsers read code changes and we need to evolve and keep up.

Digging through some videos I also found this sad thing (you have to turn the sound up to get the full picture of what’s going on here).

Thankfully I have a new laptop now, my PC will be remembered fondly

Also here’s some silliness because why not?

One thought on “Silly code, you got weird :P

  1. It happens. I’m also a noob with writing tutorials, but whenever I write them, I go along with the code to be sure it works, and when it does, that’s when I screenshot it and then write the rest. Glad you were able to catch the booboos! 😀


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