Pikachu and Mimikyu for my October layout, you can think of this as a preview. If you take a closer look at the picture, you might have two questions. How come the candy doesn’t small out of the mouth of the pumpkin completely? They’re gummies, they’re kind of stuck together until you pull them apart. Why isn’t Mimikyu’s disguise face more painted on? Rather than making its own disguise, this mimikyu  used material from a Pikachu plushie, hence why the expression is more detailed, though it’s still obviously frozen in place.


Network: http://azurelight.net
Deviant Art: http://mikaristar.deviantart.com
Fanart Central: http://fanart-central.net/user/AzureMikari/
Artrift: http://artrift.com/Mikari/
Tumblr: http://mikariazure.tumblr.com


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