Mimikyu Mini Pixels Round 1!

Here are round 1’s results for everyone who posted. If I know you from Twitter or Amassment and you haven’t posted yet, you can still do so and I’ll post the results on round 2 in a few days. You can adopt them if you want.

pokemon_mimikyu_pikachu I made Pikachu for myself since that’s my favorite and…

pokemon_mimikyu_vulpix pokemon_mimikyu_vulpix_alola Vulpix and Alola Vulpix for Sarah ohmydarling.org

pokemon_mimikyu_ninetales pokemon_mimikyu_ninetales_alola Ninetales and Alola Ninetales for Cerine skylude.org

pokemon_mimikyu_gengar pokemon_mimikyu_duskull Gengar and Duskull for Andrea lost-boy.org

Mimikyu Mini Pixels Round 2!

Here’s round 2! Round 3 will be next week, so you’ll have to wait a few days for that one, but it’ll happen so you can continue signing up if you’re someone I talk to online. Leave a comment here to sign up, tweets will get buried so I’ll probably miss them by the time I get started on round 3. Mimikyu normally uses pieces of wood/branches for the pokemon tail, for Darkrai it was charcoal and for Bulbasaur a bunch of leaves from a small bush.

pokemon_mimikyu_bulbasaur_2pokemon_mimikyu_bulbasaur_1pokemon_mimikyu_pancham Bulbasaur and Pancham for Megan sutarodo.net

pokemon_mimikyu_meowthpokemon_mimikyu_meowth_alola Meowth and Alola Meowth for Destinie love-gala.org

pokemon_mimikyu_squirtle.gif Squirtle for Cherri piratesboard.net

pokemon_mimikyu_darkrai.gif Darkrai for Samantha after-death.org


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