Team Instinct… I know it’s not the biggest, but I wouldn’t change it if given the opportunity. Here are my reasons for picking this team in Pokemon Go.

I’ll give each team 0 to 2 points in various aspects. These are my opinions based on personal taste.

Color: blue is my favorite and yellow is ok, but I don’t like red. (M-2 / V-0 / I-1)

Element: electric is my favorite and if I had to pick between fire and water/ice, I would go with fire. (M-2 / V-1 / I-3)

Legendary birds: I love Zapdos, it’s electric, but Articuno is also cool because it’s blue and has a nice design, so I’ll call it a draw. Moltress is just ok. (M-3 / V-1 / I-4)

Leader: Spark is my favorite, he looks very relaxed and carefree. He could be the lovable airhead who comes through in the end, is a surprisingly good judge of character and has a heart of gold… Or he could be loud and obnoxious, but he has the coolest design IMO so let’s give him the benefit of the doubt. Candela takes second place, she seems like a tough no-nonsense character, but also loyal, determined and willing to face anything. In short, Candela is a badass. Then there’s Blanche, who looks… bored? The only trait I can attribute to this character is quiet. I guess they were going for mysterious, but I’m just not feeling it. (M-3 / V-2 / I-6)

Themes: I didn’t even take this into consideration but here goes, I’ll look at it from the trainer character’s pov. Intuition, analysis or training… I could do well in Mystic, since I was a good student, I’m a bit lazy with training, so not Valor. Yet ultimately, the laid back nature of Instinct’s approach would be the most comfortable. (M-4 / V-2 / I-8)

Each leader also focuses on different aspects, eggs, evolution and battle. All of them are grindy in a sense, so the laziness factor would have to be thrown out. Babysitting? No! Oh wait, you mean a baby animal? Aw, cute… Still a bit annoying at times. Evolution, I guess it’s alright, it’s cool how they change, but the most fun would definitely be combat. The stronger your opponent the bigger the reward, don’t grind, fight the tough fight, or as they say, don’t work hard, work smart, Candela’s team is where the action (and exp) is at. (M-5 / V-4 / I-8)

Team Instinct wins for me, it may not have my fav color, but it has my fav type and leader. Mystic comes in second, but only because I love blue. Spark is my favorite, and Candela is (metaphorically) way cooler then Blanche. It’s not that Blanche is bad, but Candela and Spark have so much more personality in their designs.

If the pick was between fire, water and grass, I would prefer fire, but my love for blue and dislike for red and green in any context outside of Christmas (and I only like them then because it’s my fav holiday) would make me pick the blue team, even if I don’t like the water element all that much.

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2 thoughts on “Pokemon Go Team


    I went with Instinct because I felt like there was too much red and blue in my area. I know that puts me at a disadvantage when trying to get the perks of claiming gyms but I don’t really care for battling. Since, like you said, Instinct is about going with your gut and hatching eggs, I felt that fit me more as well! In addition, I think we got the cutest bishie team lead! ;p


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