Pokemon Nail Art


I’ve been thinking about getting back into my nail art project where I paint all of generation 1 on my nails, 10 pokemon at a time… crazy, I know, it’ll take forever… roughly 30 weeks assuming I have pokemon nails all the time, but I do intend to vary the themes so it’ll take way more than that… maybe someday I’ll have the full collection. For now, here are another 10 (from different generations), the theme is 10 of my favorite pokemon, though there are others I like, such as Mimikyu. This manicure features Pikachu, Meowstic, Sylveon, Pachirisu, Emolga, Charizard, Altaria, Mew, Jolteon and Butterfree.

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Yugioh DD Tower

I’ve been playing the new Yu-Gi-Oh! D.D. Tower event, here’s where I am so far. I’m also slowly (very slowly) working on the drawing. I tried to run Ys Sevens on Steam again but it won’t run even if I have the specs to run it and more. I played it years ago on the PSP but wanted to play it again on Steam because it’s one of my favorite Ys games and one of my favorite videogames overall. I’m still not used to first shift, I like second best, but I’m happy to have Sundays off.

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